Ask yourself this

Would you go poking yourself or your child with a required vaccine? If you answered a resounding no, as you rightfully (and hopefully) should’ve, then why is it OK to do this to your pet?

No, we’re not making it up

Unfortunately, many pet owners feel that vets are ‘just running a racket’ when it comes to vaccination, but there is some degree of science behind their necessity and regime. Vaccines are generally a modified version of the infections that they aim to protect against, and if not administered correctly and in a timely manner, well, they can be a waste of your time and effort. During the visit, your vet will perform a basic examination to determine general health and sometimes alight other issues that owners may not be aware of. You can also use this time to raise any questions you may have about your pet’s care.

Three things to consider

Firstly, you must consider safety when it comes to handling needles, as the animal may not appreciate you poking them. Sudden movement or unskilled technique can actually cause harm, even spinal injury to the pet. Your safety is also at risk here, poor management of the animal, equipment or the vaccine can lead to personal injury.

Secondly, there is a common misconception that ‘I should vaccinate my pup quickly if it is showing signs of illness’. The idea being that in some strange way this will prevent it from getting sick. Quite the opposite. This course of action almost guarantees that the animal will become ill with the infections and incur an even larger bill at the vet!

Lastly, the effectiveness of a vaccine is also dependent on how it is stored from the time you purchase it, to the time it is given to the animal.

Prevention is much better than cure, especially when done the correct way.

Dr Laura Hutchinson, Trinity Animal Clinic