Caring for your exotic birds


Feeding your parrots and parakeets Parrots (e.g. macaws, Amazon and African grey parrots) and the smaller parakeets (e.g. lovebirds, cockatiels, budgerigars, conures) are part of the Psittacine bird family. In the wild these birds forage to find a wide variety of fruit, nuts,  seeds, nectar and sometimes insects.  As a pet, they are dependent

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The dangers of ticks to your animals


Tick Infestation One of the biggest problems companion animal and livestock owners in Barbados encounter is tick infestation. These ectoparasites pose a danger to the animals they reside on, not only directly from blood loss but indirectly as vectors of deadly tick-borne diseases. These tick diseases are one of the leading causes of death

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Artificial Insemination


Artificial Insemination Artificial Insemination is basically any form of assisted breeding/mating. The procedure can be performed by various methods, depending on the animals involved and how much assistance is needed to get the female pregnant. ** Artificial Insemination is assisted breeding by placing the male’s semen inside the female’s cervix or uterus to facilitate

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Breeding Soundness


Breeding Soundness Examination For a breeding pair to be successful, both dogs must be fertile and physically able to breed. This may sound simple, however, looks can be deceiving at times. Either animal may have underlying issues preventing a good mating. There may be physiological concerns preventing successful conception and carrying healthy pups to

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Disaster Management Symposium – June 2019


Barbados Veterinary Association’s 2nd Animal Disaster Management Symposium The Barbados Veterinary Association (BVA) hosted its second Animal Disaster Management Symposium for all animal stakeholders in the island of Barbados on Friday June 7th, 2019 at the Barbados Defence Force Headquarters, St Ann’s Fort, Garrison,  St Michael. We should be Prepared In 2017, many of

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Cats need vaccinating too!


Cats need vaccinating too! Following this year’s theme for World Veterinary Day, “The Value of Vaccination”, I felt it pertinent to reinforce this point. Too few cats Much too often in clinic, we see cats that have never been vaccinated at all. Cats, like most mammals can benefit from vaccination as it develops immunity

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